Increasing Circulation and Decreasing Pain

Anodyne Therapy – Got Cold Feet? Neuropathy Stops Here!

We stop burning, aching, “pins and needles” and numbness by improving circulation without medicine.

The Anodyne Therapy System is an FDA-cleared infrared medical device that increases circulation and decreases pain. Anodyne therapy is currently used in over 4300 hospitals, universities, clinics, home health agencies, physical therapy centers, long term care facilities, physician offices and by the U.S. Military.

Here is What Seniors and Professionals Say About Anodyne Therapy:

“I wanted to register with you the success I have had with the Anodyne program. It has been a safe, noninvasive therapy which has provided me with substantial relief and significantly improved the quality of my life. Prior to beginning Anodyne treatments, my feet experienced pain- burning, shooting and stabbing. I could not walk without pain and had to go down stairs one at a time. My balance was declining and my sleep was disturbed. After several months of treatments, I still experience tingling, some numbness and occasional pinpricks of pain, but by and large, the situation is greatly improved.” JP


“During my 27 years in practice, I have cared for thousands of patients suffering from painful circulatory problems caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes. When Anodyne Therapy is utilized as part of a comprehensive plan of care, I have seen significant improvements in my patients’ pain and their quality of life. Anodyne Therapy is the first treatment I have found that treats not just the symptoms, but also one of the underlying causes of the pain – poor microvascular blood flow. Anodyne Therapy has become a welcome adjunct to my therapeutic arsenal.” Neil J. Goldberg, MD, Diabetologist – Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA




Anodyne may help with any condition that can benefit from

  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced pain


Anodyne Therapy should not be used:

  • Directly over any active malignancy
  • Over or near the womb of a pregnant woman
  • Directly over a topical heating agent such as BenGay, Icy Hot or Capsaicin. Completely remove these agents before applying Anodyne.

Care should be taken to avoid the following potential side-effects:

  • Superficial burns – Carefully assess skin area to be treated and set Anodyne Therapy energy settings appropriately.
  • Hypoglycemia – Ensure patients have eaten before delivering Anodyne with physical therapy because of increased activity levels.

Anodyne may be used safely with:

  • Metal implants, pins, screws
  • Pacemakers and defibrillators

There is no electrical current or deep heat associated with this device.